• richard_edit3

    Gill and Gill, A Film Project

    Jul 21 • 152 Views • No Comments

    Last week we heard of a new project that sounds right up the alley of our readers, the Gill and Gill film project. We love any artistic endeavor that incorporates climbing, and this one sounds quite interesting. Here’s more from writer Peter Shenai. ...

  • Colorado National Monument in all its glory.

    Hippies, Dirtbags, and A Gift From Grandma

    Jul 16 • 653 Views • No Comments

    When I was in my later years of being a teenager I was convinced that I was born too late. I wanted to live in the 1960s. I was going through phases, searching for who I was, and I thought I was a hippie. I had dreadlocked hair, smoked pot, experimented with...

  • TGAD.announcement

    The Great American Dirtbags by Luke Mehall

    Jul 7 • 1096 Views • 3 Comments

    It’s about that time to officially announce that my second book, The Great American Dirtbags is printed and a real thing instead of this vision inside my mind. by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing Zine This book, which I am proud of, is a...

  • drew haul bag

    Dreaming, Waking, and Remembering What Matters by Drew Thayer

    Jun 29 • 1167 Views • 2 Comments

    The Dream In May 2012 I leaned against the rail of the overlook on the North Chasm View Wall on a balmy afternoon, staring into the dizzying expanse of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The view from the overlook is dramatic enough to inspire vertigo in the...

  • IMG_8059

    Hip-Hop and Climbing by Luke Mehall

    Jun 20 • 1002 Views • No Comments

    The fringe is where the magic happens. Four climbers pack into The Freedom Mobile, a graffiti-ed vehicle, spray painted red, white and blue. The sun is shining so brilliantly, its impossible not to be intoxicated by the Vitamin D it provides, even before...

  • davevia2

    Are We Born to Climb? by D Scott Borden

    Jun 12 • 2107 Views • No Comments

    Is climbing as innate as sharing, copulating, greed, or even walking? Many evolutionary biologists would offer that the essence of climbing can be found in our DNA. It is hardwired into us, this desire to be in the vertical world. And beyond that desire, our...

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Gear Gear


Gear Review: Scarpa Zen Pro

May 20 • 708 Views • No Comments

Amongst the wide variety of approach shoes available today, these shoes stand out as the armored tank of the fleet. They are extremely durable and built to withstand...


Review: Core Concepts Hot Dome Hoody

I have a hard time with gear geeks, those who go on and on about features of the equipment for the outdoors. For me, I either like it, or I...

May 11 • 577 Views


Dirtbag State of Mind

“Everythings fine I’m in a dirtbag state of mind” In addition to getting our zines, e-zines and books out there, The...

May 11 • 505 Views

InstinctVSblackorange (1)

Gear Review: Scarpa Instinct VS

“It hurts so good”…Tom Petty must have been wearing these when he sang that line. Scarpa’s new Instinct VS brings forward all the...

May 4 • 517 Views


Gear Review: Outdoor Research Alibi II Glove

Let’s be honest: while mixed climbing, when most of us get to the next gear placement, we really really want it. In those delicate...

Mar 23 • 525 Views


Gear Review: La Sportiva Boulder X Mid GTX approach shoe

17.9 oz/ 508 g Suede upper, full rubber rand, Vibram sole Retail: $160.00 Back in the day there were running shoes that sucked to hike in,...

Mar 17 • 3767 Views


Gear Review: Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves

I’ve spent a long time looking for good mid-temperature alpine and ice climbing glove. It needs to be warm enough to be useful down to...

Feb 4 • 501 Views


Review: Mueller Euro Tape

Back in the day when I learned to tape my hands my climbing mentor taught me an elaborate process of how to do it. First we would bust out...

Feb 3 • 763 Views

Jonathan Mitchell on the third pitch of Infared.

Samson’s Top 5, Winter 2014 Outdoor Retailer

Samson is back at it again, with his top favorite 5 products from the Winter 2014 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. The winter show is always...

Feb 2 • 1364 Views


Gear Review: Turtle Shell Speaker from Outdoor Technology

Love it or hate it the crags are filled with tunes these days. Portable speakers are blowing up, and we got our hands on one of the best in...

Jan 19 • 880 Views


Gear Review: Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp

Last year we posted a review of the innovative Petzl NAO headlamp, and loved the Reactive technology, but noted it was a bit heavy, and...

Dec 12 • 1402 Views


Gear Review: Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Early on after I co-founded The Climbing Zine and started attending the Outdoor Retailer trade show I realized it’s easy to get free...

Dec 1 • 1462 Views

Dispatches From The Void Dispatches From The Void


A Scenic Cruise and Then Some in the Black Canyon by Alexa Flower

Jun 9 • 898 Views • 1 Comment

As we descended further into the dark abyss, that haunting, uncanny mood settled in once again. It was an awareness I had been acquainted with once before, a year back....


Hanging with Stacy Bare and Dodging Watermelons by Luke Mehall

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson made a life and a living off that concept. I was...

Jun 4 • 443 Views


Fear and Dehydration in Colorado’s Biggest Hole by Drew Thayer

Early summer in Durango, Colorado is great. Blissful. Idyllic. A typical afternoon usually involves waking up from a...

May 27 • 535 Views

photo by: Jared Steinmen

International Climbers’ Festival 2014 in Lander, Wyoming

“This is a low key festival that was formed to share the genuine love of climbing.” That’s how Mandy Pohja...

May 21 • 1168 Views


Who is Famous and What Is Hard? with Seth Adams

It was 2004 and Kelly Cordes and Josh Wharton had just climbed the Azeem Ridge on Great Trango Tower in Pakistan, which...

May 7 • 852 Views


An Ego Spanking In The Gunks by Drew Thayer

We all need to be taken down a notch, as my mother would say, every once in a while. While I don’t necessarily enjoy...

Apr 26 • 778 Views


The Diamond: A Pervertical Genesis by Alexa Flower

The night was silent apart from our winded breaths and quiet footsteps; largely stifled by the dirt and pine needles...

Apr 3 • 1240 Views


A Map To The Skyland Boulders, Crested Butte, Colorado

[photo of Ben Johnson climbing Blunt Boy (5.10a) Joint Rock]  The Skyland Boulders in Crested Butte have been called...

Mar 25 • 606 Views


Hear Mehall On The Dirtbag Diaries

Publisher of The Climbing Zine, Luke Mehall, follows his dreams, no matter how absurd. Recently the Dirtbag Diaries...

Mar 13 • 428 Views


Devil’s Tower, Worth Risking Dying For by Luke Mehall

Devils Tower is one of those destinations, one of those rocks in the world that makes you think something divine...

Mar 5 • 778 Views


Skinny Jeans and Desert Towers by Luke Mehall

“Dude, those are skinny jeans,” Jonathan says. “They’re regular fit,” I insist. “See, look at the label.”...

Feb 14 • 667 Views


Patagonia, Lessons From a Bigger Scale by Drew Thayer

How can I describe the size of this place? How can I describe the dizzying gulfs of air below us as we claw our way...

Feb 5 • 1002 Views