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  • Shaun bump

    Modern Dirtbags: The Workbag

    Sep 14, 15 • 3256 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    Note: this is a new column for the Zine, Modern Dirtbags The dirtbag in us never dies, but we do grow up. I lived as a hardcore dirtbag for many years, from Gunnison, Colorado to Potrero Chico, Mexico, but these days at 36 years old I’m more of a...

  • TGAD.announcement

    The Great American Dirtbags by Luke Mehall

    Jul 18, 15 • 4176 Views • Books, Climbing Culture, Dirtbagging3 Comments

    It’s about that time to officially announce that my second book, The Great American Dirtbags is printed and a real thing instead of this vision inside my mind. by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing Zine This book, which I am proud of, is a...

  • julie

    Female Dirtbags, The Missing Link

    Sep 5, 14 • 3775 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

      There are many sacrifices and struggles to live the dirtbag life, but my most major gripe has always been women; there are not enough of them within the dirtbag culture. Many nights spent at campfires within various climbing areas, where the men...

  • Colorado National Monument in all its glory.

    Hippies, Dirtbags, and A Gift From Grandma

    Jul 16, 14 • 2013 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    When I was in my later years of being a teenager I was convinced that I was born too late. I wanted to live in the 1960s. I was going through phases, searching for who I was, and I thought I was a hippie. I had dreadlocked hair, smoked pot, experimented with...

  • dave.iPhone.ElCap

    Dirtbags with iPhones, How modern technology helps make the dirtbag dream a reality

    Apr 24, 13 • 7263 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The way of the dirtbag is a simple life: maximizing recreation while minimizing responsibility. Life as free as the wind, work as little as possible, and spend mucho time in the outdoors doing what you love. As a rock climber, in my twenties I lived this...

  • drew.rostrum

    Flirting with The Nose In A Day in The Valley of Stone

    Sep 30, 15 • 794 Views • LocationsNo Comments

    “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goerte I grew up in the traditions of western science and puritan pragmatism. Success is earned through work, luck is the sum of preparation, a penny saved is a...

  • zine_cover7 (4)

    Volume 7 – Check out the live preview

    Sep 29, 15 • 664 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The long awaited next issue of The Climbing Zine is now available on Kindle and in print. Volume 7: dirtbags, crag dogs, hyenas, and free solos features a line up of some of the best voices in rock climbing culture. Check out the live preview.  Here’s...

  • Luchador SC_EVL0215_6

    Review: Evolv Luchador SC’s

    Sep 28, 15 • 91 Views • Gear1 Comment

    Of all the shoes in my personal quiver this one is the best all arounder. It’s one I use for long multi-pitch climbs, splitter cracks, sport climbing, and bouldering. Case and point: for two weeks straight I wore these shoes day in and day out in Squamish,...