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  • Colorado National Monument in all its glory.

    Hippies, Dirtbags, and A Gift From Grandma

    Jul 16, 14 • 968 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    When I was in my later years of being a teenager I was convinced that I was born too late. I wanted to live in the 1960s. I was going through phases, searching for who I was, and I thought I was a hippie. I had dreadlocked hair, smoked pot, experimented with...

  • TGAD.announcement

    The Great American Dirtbags by Luke Mehall

    Jul 7, 14 • 1559 Views • books, climbing culture, Dirtbagging3 Comments

    It’s about that time to officially announce that my second book, The Great American Dirtbags is printed and a real thing instead of this vision inside my mind. by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing Zine This book, which I am proud of, is a...

  • dave.iPhone.ElCap

    Dirtbags with iPhones, How modern technology helps make the dirtbag dream a reality

    Apr 24, 13 • 6720 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The way of the dirtbag is a simple life: maximizing recreation while minimizing responsibility. Life as free as the wind, work as little as possible, and spend mucho time in the outdoors doing what you love. As a rock climber, in my twenties I lived this...

  • jump

    Psicocomp 2014 Photos

    Aug 14, 14 • 946 Views • UtahNo Comments

    “The Psicocomp was even better than last year,” seems to sum up the response to the second annual deep water soloing competition held last weekend in Park City, Utah. We agree. The main difference in the event was the routes were easier (an estimated 13a...

  • pink belaggles

    Review: The Belaggles, Belay Glasses

    Aug 14, 14 • 1582 Views • Gear, UncategorizedNo Comments

    “What are those?” I’ve been asked that question 20 times in the last month, while testing out my new belay glasses. They look like a heavier version of movie 3D glasses, and although commonplace in Europe are just starting to catch on here in the United...

  • IMG_0506

    A First Trip To Yosemite

    Jul 30, 14 • 313 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The Western United States is a developed land, yet it is also very wild. Especially when you hail from the Midwest as we did, where there is very little wild land. Mountains and rocks had only been in my life for a couple years; a new medium to which I was...

  • richard_edit3

    Gill and Gill, A Film Project

    Jul 21, 14 • 370 Views • climbing cultureNo Comments

    Last week we heard of a new project that sounds right up the alley of our readers, the Gill and Gill film project. We love any artistic endeavor that incorporates climbing, and this one sounds quite interesting. Here’s more from writer Peter Shenai. ...

  • 5159_Guide_Tennie_BlackAsphalt_04

    Review: 5.10 Guides

    Jul 3, 14 • 884 Views • GearNo Comments

    The 5.10 Guide Tennies have long been my favorite approach shoes. I like them primarily for two reasons: the burly sticky rubber on the bottom of the shoe, and the downright durability. They are the kind of shoes you can use and abuse, and with each model...