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  • TGAD.announcement

    The Great American Dirtbags by Luke Mehall

    Oct 1, 14 • 2036 Views • books, climbing culture, Dirtbagging3 Comments

    It’s about that time to officially announce that my second book, The Great American Dirtbags is printed and a real thing instead of this vision inside my mind. by Luke Mehall, publisher of The Climbing Zine This book, which I am proud of, is a...

  • julie

    Female Dirtbags, The Missing Link

    Sep 5, 14 • 1583 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

      There are many sacrifices and struggles to live the dirtbag life, but my most major gripe has always been women; there are not enough of them within the dirtbag culture. Many nights spent at campfires within various climbing areas, where the men...

  • Colorado National Monument in all its glory.

    Hippies, Dirtbags, and A Gift From Grandma

    Jul 16, 14 • 1195 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    When I was in my later years of being a teenager I was convinced that I was born too late. I wanted to live in the 1960s. I was going through phases, searching for who I was, and I thought I was a hippie. I had dreadlocked hair, smoked pot, experimented with...

  • dave.iPhone.ElCap

    Dirtbags with iPhones, How modern technology helps make the dirtbag dream a reality

    Apr 24, 13 • 6821 Views • DirtbaggingNo Comments

    The way of the dirtbag is a simple life: maximizing recreation while minimizing responsibility. Life as free as the wind, work as little as possible, and spend mucho time in the outdoors doing what you love. As a rock climber, in my twenties I lived this...

  • James Lucas Modern Dirtbag

    Becoming A Modern Dirtbag by James Lucas

    Oct 22, 14 • 156 Views • Dirtbagging, humorNo Comments

    Every day 500,000 outdoor enthusiasts* put on a pair of rock shoes for the first time. But with every new climber joining the tribe, differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack becomes more difficult. by James “Peaches” Lucas. Spoiler...

  • zine_cover6

    Volume 6 and Subscription to The Climbing Zine Now Available

    Oct 14, 14 • 343 Views • Dirtbagging, zinesNo Comments

    The sixth volume of The Climbing Zine is now live on Kindle and available in print. Titled “Prose and Parables From The Sharp End” this issue features a range of some of the most talented underground climbing writers including: Drew Thayer,...

  • PaleRail

    Samson’s Top 5, New Climbing Products

    Oct 8, 14 • 290 Views • GearNo Comments

    As usual the Summer Outdoor Retailer (OR) show in August presented the latest and greatest new gear to climbing media. And, as usual Samson has been out climbing, and didn’t get his post up until now. So here they are Samson’s Top 5 favorite new...


    Review: Evolv Addict

    Oct 7, 14 • 273 Views • GearNo Comments

    For a climbing slipper priced under $100 the Evolv Addict may be the best out there. The Addicts are a comfortable and durable shoe and one that will surely compete with the Five Ten Moccasyms. Retail: $99.00 You can’t write about the Addicts without noting...